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MAC Prolongwear Collection 2013

MAC Prolongwear Collection 2013

This September sees the launch of several new MAC Paint Pots - from mint green (Clearwater) to pretty neutrals (Layin' Low and Tailor Grey) there should be a new shade or two for most tastes and skin tones.
I know I have my eye on at least two. Along with new paint pots the Prolongwear Eyliner, Foundation and Concealer range also gets expanded.

MAC Prolongwear Collection 2013
MAC Prolongwear Collection 2013

Prolongwear Paint Pots
Chrome Angel - Platinum silver
Let's Skate- Pale pink with pearl (Permanent)
Perky - Creamy coral with white pearl
Rubenesque-golden peach with gold pearl (Permanent)
Layin' Low - Creamy beige
Clearwater - Sea foam
Antique Diamond - Frosted olive-silver (Permanent)
Tailor Grey - Muted grey
Stormy Pink- Muted grey-purple 
Constructivist - Metallic brown with red pearl (Permanent)
Blackground - Black-grey with multi-colour  (Permanent)

Prolongwear Eyeliner 
Definitely Black - Deep black
Strong Willed - Deep eggplant
Devotion - Deep army green
Powerline - Muted gold 

Prolongwear Foundation Shade Extension
NW13, 15, 18, 22, 43, 47 
NC37, 44

Prolongwear Concealer Extension


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  1. I love the Prolongwear foundation. Its my go to for long longevity!

  2. Those paint pots look stunning. So subtle and natural, I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

    Rachel xx

  3. Oush Perky sounds right up my street! x

  4. Rubenesque is my all time favourite, but Let's Skate sounds gorgeous too!

    A beauty, food and life blog by Izzi

  5. I deff need to get a few of those

  6. This collection looks SO good, need all of it! xx

  7. Finally! A NC25 prolongwear concealer! YESS!!

  8. I am so excited about the paint pots - I love them! :D

  9. I'm so excited about those paint pots! Such great colors. I've been meaning to pick up Rubenesque for ages now.


  10. Cannot wait to try the new paint pots!!

  11. Finally new paintpots! *throws confetti*
    MAC paintpots are still my favourite after all these years, though I must say I don't think I can ever get through them before they go bad I just adore the textures and colours. I was just about to head out to MAC to pick up a fresh one this weekend but now that I'm seeing the Pro-Longwear collection, I think I'll might hold out until September for these. Gorgeous!

  12. The pro-wear concealer is BY FAR the best i've ever used..HUGE FAN! looking forward to seeing what the extras to this collection have to offer!!


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