Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Leave in Spray Review

The hair market is what can only be best described as flooded with hair growth products but 99% of such products are aimed at aiding thinning hair not helping those who want longer locks. Lee Stafford is the only brand that I know off that answers such wishes with their hair growth line which includes a shampoo, conditioner, a masque and now a leave in treatment which may be my favourite product from within the range to date.

Basically all the products within the Lee Stafford Hair Growth collective are formulated with a Pro-Growth ingredient which includes both protein and caffeine to stimulate both the scalp and hair follicle to work that little harder and encourage your hair to grow quicker. The brand states that without a healthy environment a.k.a scalp nothing ever truly grows to its full potential "if the earth is not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers" which does make sense. If you can make the time to take care of the ends of your hair why not the root/scalp too as that is where the hair begins - a good start should equate to a good ending non?

I have tried everything within the Hair Growth line but have only ever re-purchased the Hair Growth Treatment endlessly but with crazy thick hair one tub doesn't go very far not to mention it is always and I mean always out of stock so for that reason alone I prefer the Leave in Treatment. This spray is the gift that keeps on giving as it not only goes much further than the conditioner like texture of the treatment masque but it is so much easier to apply and doesn't need rinsed out. You simply spray all over the scalp, comb through damp freshly washed hair and style as normal...easy peasy! As this is not rinsed out it works much more efficiently and quicker than any of the other products within the range and combined with the last two weeks of Florida sunshine I am now the proud owner of at least an inch of dark regrowth of roots, sexy I know. I want to quickly mention that this product does not protect the hair from heat damage nor does it leave the hair greasy ( I know that will be a worry for some as it is a scalp aimed product) or any more difficult to comb/brush than normal.

Of course the sunshine helped to encourage my hair to grow a little quicker than normal but in my experience there is more root showing than usual which is encouraging. I will of course continue to use the spray until the very end and report back in a month or two but so far so good and I highly recommend trying this product out especially if jetting abroad for a quick hair growth boost!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Leave in Spray* £11.99/100ml via Boots - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, second only to bone marrow.