MAC RiRi Talk that Talk Lipstick

Did you get caught up in the RiRi Hearts MAC stampede?
I did and lost out in a big way! 

Today the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection launched within the UK at 12pm, I patiently sat on the MAC UK website refreshing the page like a mad woman to get my hands on the two new lipstick additions (I already own RiRi Woo) and the blush. At around 12.08 pm the collection went live and I placed my order as you may know MAC have been using a waiting room for the Rihanna collections which can take forever to put your products into your online basket. At 12.19pm my order finally placed but without one of the lipstick shades. Yep in the space of 11 minutes one of the lipsticks had seemingly sold out. I have no problem with products selling out - hey more power to the brand but 11 minutes is beyond insane and clearly indicates that the stock levels of MAC Heaux must have been staggeringly low! Excuse me while I quietly regroup and gather up my toys that I have thrown from my pram. I jest of course but 11 minutes must be a record of some sort? If you did get Heaux you are incredibly lucky and quick may I add haha!

Anyway this post isn't all doom and gloom if you are a fan of berry tones and hopefully the current ongoing Rihanna and MAC collaboration it may please you to know that Rihanna and internet speculation all indicate that a deep matte plum will be coming our way soon. At the moment no-one is truly sure when but Rihanna has hinted through the likes of Instagram that shade on her lips above will indeed be available to purchase in the coming months and may just be called Talk that Talk. A deep Autumnal plum with a hint of berry that is super sexy and matte, yes that will most certainly heal the wound and fill the Heaux shaped gap.
One thing that is for sure is that I am sat eagerly anticipating MAC RiRi Hearts Fall Collection.

Did you manage to get all you hoped for from the MAC RiRi Hearts Summer Collection?
I truly can't believe that the collection sold out (minus RiRi Woo) within the first hour and a half!

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