If like myself your eyes are irritated and itchy or perhaps again like myself you suffer from Hayfever (aka seasonal allergic rhinitis) you may find something within my current eye product stash useful for your needs - from sprays, to gels to eye creams I've got them all and a very good reason or two on why I use each. Read on to find out what I recommend and why!

Without generalising I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of us spend long hours tied to a keyboard and a computer screen of some sort. Well did you know that such screens actually prevent your eyes from blinking and as a result self moisturising? No me neither but I was at the opticians a few days ago and that is the information that was divulged, that and I have dry eyes which of course is a result of too much time blogging and not enough blinking haha! You can of course use eye drops to add re-hydrate the eye but those can be tricky and let's face it not all that fun to apply - I personally use Optrex 2-in-1 Spray for Dry and Irritated Eyes (£15.99 each via Boots*- linkwhich is so quick and easy to use, simply close your eyes spray and as they say Bob is your uncle! The great thing about the Optrex Sprays is that you can spray over make-up and it will not smudge or run your beautifully made up eyes. On occasion when hayfever gets the better of my eyes and turns them into an itchy watery mess I quickly mist on Optrex 2-in-1 Spray to soothe and calm my eyes all within the space of two seconds. 

As you have gathered by my constant complaining I suffer from Hayfever which can result is puffy eyes which is neither attractive nor comfortable. I have found that your best defense against puffy and tight skin around the eye is to smooth on a cooling eye gel my current favourite is Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack* (£11 via Boots - link) which has an almost jelly like texture and instantly gets to work to deflate the eye area all the while soothing, cooling and adding a little hydration to the delicate skin area. A new eye gel that I am getting to grips with is Organic Surge Eye Gel* (£8.49 via Organic Surge -link), with it's gel like texture it may just be one of the most refreshing and cooling eye products I have ever used and it instantly calms any signs of puffy eyes as well as reducing any redness. I don't think any holiday make-up bag should be without it particularly those who are embarking on a long haul flight.

One thing that I am prone to is under eye circles, what can I say I have a habit of not sleeping all that while and perhaps should own a title for being a serial napper. If you are plagued by dark circles under your eyes you may want to trial Clinique Even Better Eyes* (£28 via Clinique -link). This light yellow tinged almost balm like eye product not only hydrates the eye area but also helps to immediately disguise those blue rings almost instantly with the tinted balm texture but with continued use it really zaps dark circles into submission so you can stay up and watch TV until your hearts content safe in the knowledge that your eyes won't give up the game...the constant yawning might though.

I couldn't compose a post on my favourite eye products and not include an ode to Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Rescue Eye Cream* (£24.99 via Boots - link), in a sentence believe all the hype. Like most I was skeptical about this eye cream being as wonderful as all the praise it has received over the last year or so but mark my words it is beyond marvelous! This is a rich cream that instantly absorbs into the skin that not only hydrates but also lifts, soothes and deflates puffiness, rids you of dark circles and targets any signs of ageing. If like myself you want a do all product that works you need to hot foot it to Boots and pop this little white tube into your shopping basket asap, my night time routine has not been without Eyslilx for close to six months and as a result my eyes have never looked better and I don't feel quite so guilty about rubbing my eyes every now and then.

What are your favourite eye products and if you have any wonder products that help with Hayfever do share!

* PR Samples sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Hayfever affects over 20% of the UK population!