Gwdihw Balms

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Gwdihw Balms
Gwdihw Balms

Gwdihw - I'm lead to believe it is pronounced goody hoo and is the Welsh word for owl. Welsh brand that specialise in balms. Cutely packaged balms may I add, who can say no to a cute little owl? I know I can't! While we are on the topic of packaging each balm comes in an old school type of tin (think shoe polish tins but on a smaller scale) that isn't all the much bigger than some lip balms so they are perfect for travelling with or popping into the pit of your handbag.

Whatever your needs may be I'm willing to bet that Gwdihw have a balm for you, from lip balms to a balm for nappy rash they truly have it all. As I'm in the midst of getting my butt in gear and preparing for a summer holiday in Florida I thought I'd share the four Gwdihw balms that I plan on taking along for the ride with me.
Every good traveller knows the power of a great antiseptic product to help heal and cleanse wounds and any other grazes. Gwdihw First Aid balm not only takes care of cuts, bites and burns but due to the addition of Coconut and Olive Oil it not only helps to soothe sun-burnt skin but encourages it to repair itself too...not bad for £4.49 is it?

If you are one that tends to be plagued by creepy crawlies and don't seem to get through summer without at least one insect bite then the Citronella based Bugs Away Balm by Gwdihw should be your next purchase. Containing Lime Oil and Citronella this zest citrus scented balm heavily features two of the oils that our buzzing winged foes seem to loathe ensuring that your poor limbs are not a meal for once!

Summer is not my friend, at least when it comes to my feet - blisters and other random cuts and painful patches are guaranteed due to sandals and various sky scraper heels. Well not only does Gwdihw Twinkle Toe Balm soften the skin on the feet and gently scents them too but it also acts as a barrier to prevent shoes from rubbing. As much as I like the other balms this is the one I like to keep in my bag at all times to prevent blisters from occurring, as soon as I feel my foot wear begin to rub I quickly dab this balm onto the area and hey presto.

Some of us struggle to relax both on flights (or any other method of travel) and in a strange bed, if that sounds familiar you may find that investing in a sleep promoting product a wise choice. I must stress that I have tried countless "sleep inducing" products and none have caused me to nod off. What I do find is that they help you to relax, unwind and to be great for squashing stress, the main problem with such products is that they tend to be lavender scented which is not everyone's cup of tea. Luckily Gwdihw's version doesn't contain lavender...nope not even a drop instead it relies on Ylang Ylang and Mandarin Oils for a light but uplifting scent that helps to soothe and calm the senses.

Gwdihw Balms* cost £4.49 each and are avaliable via Gwdihw Balm - link
* PR Samples sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - The letters K, Q, V and Z do not appear in the Welsh alphabet at all.