Ten Things I Hate About Mascara

1. The never ending cat and mouse game of "how many coats is just right". 
Too little and you run the risk of not creating long and fluttery lashes, too many and oh hey there spiders legs.
Life why must you be so complicated?

2. Great formula = rubbish brush.

3. Great brush = rubbish formula...when will it end.

4. Mascara wands looking more and more contraptions that would be better suited to torture than cosmetics.

5. Waterproof eh? Well my bawling at *insert slushy star crossed lover type film title here* says differently as does my two newly sprung black eyes.

6. Black/brown mascara masquerading as black mascara until you get it home and open it. 
Nothing beats brown/black mascara mishap fury. Nothing!

7. The perfect mascara always seems gets discontinued or reformulated and it's never the same

8. The pain and inevitable eye watering a rogue mascara flake causes when it gets in your eye...and it will get you.

9. The shame and pain of poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand, with more than 10 years of practice I am ashamed to admit that this happens more often than it should.

10. Bright blue mascara. That is all.

Radom Fact - The pharmacist behind the brand Maybelline (named after his sister Mabel and the last few letters of Vaseline), made an early form of mascara mixing coal dust and petroleum jelly.