Thursday, May 30, 2013

China Glaze On the Horizon Collection

China Glaze On the Horizon Collection

This coming August sees China Glaze jump on the feather textured bandwagon and launch six feather inspired polishes for the China Glaze On the Horizon collection.Truthfully I don't see this collection being a huge hit as it been quite some while since Nails Inc debuted their feather polishes and since then lower priced brands have followed suit. I have yet to read a post that declares its love for this type of textured polish and I doubt this collection will lead to rave reviews. However if you do like funky and textured polishes you may want to mark August on your beauty calendar.

China Glaze On the Horizon Collection

You’re a Hoot - soft yellow, orange and black textured polish
Light As a Feather - orange, white and black textured polish
All A Flutter -  pastel peach, soft blue and white polish
Party Fowl - bold blue, orange and black textured polish
Flock Together - mint green, bold blue and black textured polish
Flying South - orange, soft yellow and red textured polish

What are your thoughts?

Image credit - Specktra 

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  1. Actually I think they look pretty. All A Flutter is my favorite of course I have to try it first :D




  2. Fleck is beautiful!

  3. These sound amazing! Love all the colours

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  4. Truthfully, I'm getting bored of textured and special effectsie stuff when it comes to nail varnish. *bored face shrug*

  5. I'm with the previous comment! Id rather have nice rich colours :)

  6. wow i really want those :) x

  7. I'm not sold on these yet. Maybe if I see some nice swatches, but even then I doubt it. I wasn't a fan of the liquid sand/sugar/pixie sparkle/pixel-effect polishes either.
    I need my polish to be smooth and flawless. I love cremes, shimmers, I totally adore holographics and duochromes and sometimes even can find some love for glitters (like the Nubar sparkle collection, very nice one), but when all is said and done, I need a smooth finish.

    So ... let's wait for some swatches to still our curiosity ^^


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