Right now I am sat feeling a little sorry for myself as I am scheduled to go to the dental hospital and have a wisdom tooth removed. In a sense I am looking forward to having it done and dusted as it has caused me nothing but pain for the last month or so but i'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared. Anyway to take my mind of things I thought I'd compose a little pay day wish list...

1, I have sadly lost my Michael Kors watch and I know that every blogger and their mother owns one but for good reason they are just so darn pretty and look great layered with various pieces of arm candy. I'm swaying between two models the one pictured and the Lexington in rose gold. Either way I'd be happy.

2, Recently I bought Clarins Instant Smooth Tanning Primer (review to come soon) but find that with my face being naturally quite swallow I need something a little extra to bronze it up a little so I'm thinking that it may be wise to invest in Clarins Liquid Bronze for the face and neck. If you have tried it out I would love to hear your thoughts.

3, I've been given a LookFantastic promo code and think it may be used to splurge on Kourtney Kardashian's signature red orange lipstick, Le Orange. I think this shade teamed with bright red orange nails, a tan and lots of gold jewellery would be sizzling. God I wish I was in Miami right now!

4, In a recent sample box I was given a mini bottle of Nails Inc Portobello which is a bright red coral shade that is neon and oh so fabolous. It is seldom that a polish enters my life and I know right there and then that I need it but Nails Inc Portobello will be bought before the month is over!

5, As much as I like many a mascara my heart truly belongs with YSL's Shocking Mascara, it is one of the few that helps my super straight eyelashes hold a curl and makes them look the right side of fake.
The only problem with YSL Shocking is that it dries up super quickly and has been known to flake,
I do still love it dearly and can't wait to have a new tube in my sweaty little palms.

6, With the current Body Shop Promotion I am tempted to place an order and stock up on lots of fruity summer body products. My personal favourite is Sweet Lemon particularly the body butter. It's fresh and fruity without being sickly and just perfect for warm days,

7, Myself and Zara go through periods of utter lust and then I walk down the high street and see everyone with the same bag/shoes/outfit and quickly change my mind. That being said I think I need this bright orange bag in my life, it sure will brighten up dull days and I like to think orange goes with everyone. It doesn't but let's pretend.

8, I have a huge collection of Essie polishes and yet I down own the bright peach that is Essie Van D'go.
I am to remedy that and snap it up come pay day. I also have plans to chop my nails down and think this is a very flattering shade on shorter nails.

9, Rounding off my post is Bobbi Brown's Calypso Coral Rouge Pot,  I have a few of these little multi purpose products but not this beautiful coral shade and considering all I wear is coral's it seems only logical that I pick this up? Least that is how I am justifying it ha!

What are you lusting after?