If like myself you have been a little under the weather then you will share my misery of dry, dull skin all over which is most odd given how oily the skin on my face can be. I really under estimated how nasty the Norovirus was until it gripped my immune system last week, luckily the worst is over and I have found and re-found for that matter some brilliant skin care must have's for those on the mend.

Normally I'm a huge advocate of a deep cleansing mask but when you're run down it is more than likely that your skin will be crying out for moisture and I have found that nothing quite quenches that first like Eve Lom's Moisture Mask. This thick jelly like mask not only instantly hydrates and soothes the skin but it also cools and calms which is nothing short of heavenly when your burning a fever.

If dry skin is not enough to contend with it seems my body has decided to punish me with a few nasty blemishes on my forehead...thanks immune system, thanks! I swear by Healgel Intensive, this is one of the few products you will not believe the hype until you have actually tried it out for yourself. This light serum like substance speeds up the skins recovery and encourages it to heal itself quicker than it would naturally making it a blemish's worst nightmare. I have yet to find a blemish that it hasn't cleared up in the space of two days but like I said you really do have to try it to believe it.

Oddly I have ran clean out of facial mists...I really have no idea how this has happened but I imagine certain family members helping themselves to my stash over the last few months have helped to dwindle my stock, like a good Blue Peter presenter I of course had to make my own while confined to the four walls of my bedroom. Basically to make your own cooling facial mist all you need is an empty spritzer bottle, a toner and water - using a 50/50 ration mix the ingredients together and hey presto. You can of course skip the toner but with my skin being so parched I decided to add a little of Simple's Soothing Facial Toner to help cool, calm and hydrate my skin. 

As far as I am concerned there is no better body lotion to really soothe and calm dry skin than Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion. This thick but quickly absorbed body lotion not only instantly hydrates and comforts the skin but it also tightens the skin should you use it regularly. I also plan to use this on holiday in place of a regular after sun as it is beyond my favourite body moisturiser.

No let's get well kit can be without a tube or tub of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream. Basically I use this as super intensive lip balm but you can apply it anywhere and everywhere for a quick dose of medicated moisture or as a protective balm. I can't be without 8 Hour Cream and swear by it for cuts and chapped lips!

If you are a little under the weather I hope you get well soon!