New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo

Sleek MakeUp are back with another new palette that has taken the best shades from their most popular palettes of the past and combined them to create one super all star palette.
Let us all get acquainted with Sleek MakeUp's newest addition the Showstoppers I-Divine Palette which I do want to stress is an online exclusive and will launch the 10th of April.

New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo

I'm not going to waste too much time on discussing the packaging - it is not special edition but just Sleek Make-Up's regular matte black casing with a large good quality mirror and a duo ended foam applicator.
Please be careful with any of your Sleek MakeUp palettes as the shadows are fairly soft and should you drop one there is a good chance a few shadows will break.

New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo
New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo

Let's crack on with the shade run down and formula round up shall we?
Please note the older Sleek MakeUp palettes did not give the shades individual names so both the shades from Sunset and Storm remain nameless.

New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo

Sandstone from the Paraguya palette -A light peachy warm toned matte, a little chalky but a decent enough neutral shade.

Next shade from the Sunset - One of my favourites a burgundy shade that leans fairly brown that allows blue and green eyes to really pop. This is a buttery soft metallic shade that is a little prone to product fall out.

Innocence from the Bad Girl - A bright metallic white shade that makes a great highlight again prone to fall out due to the texture being so soft.

Primal Green from the Me, Myself & I - Another metallic only this is a bright yellow tinged olive green, shares same the same texture and faults as all the other metallic shades I have mentioned up until now.

Gunmetal from the Graphite - A bright true gunmetal silver that works rather well with a smoky eye look.
Unlike the other metallic shades I find this to be a little firmer in texture and less prone to product fall out.

Noir features in a good few palettes - A fairly light toned black matte shade that lacks a little in pigmentation, unless you layer it on it can be pretty grey in tone.

Thunder from the Ultra Mattes V2 - Speaking of grey's Thunder is another matte that is cool toned deep grey that is well pigmented and not at all chalky.

Ribbon from the Oh So Special - A bright coral pink matte shade that leans a little yellow in tone, much like Thunder this is one of the better matte shades in this palette. I do think this type of shade looks better on the cheeks than the eyes.

Navy Blue from the Bohemian - The name says it all really your typical navy blue that is really pigmented but a little dry in texture.

Next shade from the Storm - A warm toned beige shimmer shade that reminds me a lot of MAC Nylon. Much like the other metallic formula's in this palette it is soft texturally and prone to fall out.

Festive from the Sparkle - A deep grape with silver glitter, very dry in texture and does produce a lot of fall out. Moderatley pigmented but like I said very dry so not the best when it comes to blending.

Mineral Earth from the Au Naturel - A cool toned deep metallic brown that is simply divine in terms of colour. Again soft in texture so do expect some fall out.

New Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette Photo

In brief the Showstoppers Palette is a great concept it takes the best of the best and neatly presents such shades in one palette, it is a great way to become acquainted with Sleek MakeUp and a rather handy palette to own. What I will say is that be prepared for some product fall out when using any Sleek MakeUp eyeshadow and to get the most out of the matte shades use a primer.
On average Sleek MakeUp eyeshadows wear around 7-8 hours on my oily lids so no complaints there and for £7.99 I do think the palette is good value.

Sleek MakeUp Showstoppers Palette* £7.99 and will launch online only April 10th.

-* Product sent for consideration of review.