L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash

L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash
L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash

As many will know L'Oreal have recently unveiled an entire collection of new skin care products so far the stars of the show have been the Micellar Water and the Oil Cleanser - review link.
However if you are looking for a gel cleanser that foams perhaps for use with a cleansing brush they have also released their Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash.

L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash contains no soap so it is gentle on the skin yet still provides a slight foam. L'Oreal have formulated this gel wash so that it cleanses deeply and should help to unblock pores over time.
I have been using it on and off for a week and can't say that my pores look any better but that is a battle I doubt i'll be winning any time soon. What I can say is that unlike other gel cleansers I have used over the years this doesn't leave my face feeling tight or stripped of moisture and does a mighty fine job of removing all my make-up.

The bottle does state that you can use L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash to remove eye make-up, personally I don't recommend doing so as I found it to sting and it wasn't all that efficient against my waterproof mascara.
However for use on the face it leaves the skin perfectly cleansed without being harsh and is a great product to have on hand for quick but effective cleansing.

 L'Oreal's Purifying Gel Wash* £4.49/150ml via Boots -link
-* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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