I've recently been asked if I would like to collaborate SalonSpy.co.uk after reading what they have to offer as a service I jumped at the chance as I know that it will be not only of great interest to my readers but also a helpful service for fellow Glaswegians or those visiting Glasgow. Don't fret if you aren't Glasgow based as  SalonSpy.co.uk is beneficial for all those based in the UK.

In a nutshell  SalonSpy.co.uk provides listings for every salon and spa in the UK - so does other websites and a certain bog yellow book. True but unlike said service SalonSpy.co.uk offers an interactive platform that allows you to post salon reviews and to also create local rankings. So say you fancy trying out your local hairdressers but want to investigate a little further all you have to do is search SalonSpy.co.uk for said salon and read the real and honest reviews from customers. Pretty cool huh? I for one wish it was around a few years ago when a certain Glaswegian hairdressing chain turned my then golden blonde hair a bizarre shade of orange.

At the moment SalonSpy.co.uk has over 51,000 businesses listed and as it is a free service I urge you to not only check it out before you visit any salon,spa, hairdressers or barbers for that matter to ensure you get the best service possible but to also sign up and help rate your local services. Hey you might just save one person from a bad set of foils haha!

In the coming days I will be visiting a well known Glasgow Hairdressing chain (the term spy has went to my head and I know think I am a member of some secret service) and promise to not only rate the salon that I am going to visit but share my experience, results and all! Hello blonder hair!

Do you think you will be using  SalonSpy.co.uk in the not so distant future?
Or more importantly have you ever had a really bad salon/hair dressing experience?

- I have not been paid for any posts on SalonSpy.co.uk but I will be receiving complimentary treatments.
I will of course be truthful about my experiences good or bad and will disclose any free service as I always do.