TOMA It's All in the Name Spring Summer Collection 2013 Photo

A little fed up with the continual new launches and finding it difficult to keep up with all the new products?
If you like to keep things simple let me introduce you to TOMA nail polish which is of a salon professional grade and the only professional quality polish that is developed and manufactured here in the UK.
Unlike other nail polish brands TOMA only launch two collections a year so you always know where you stand - simple, professional and high quality is what the strive for all the while offering some truly beautiful shades.

TOMA's Spring Summer collection is an offering of six new shades which include bright corals and creamy caramel beige tones that will see you all the way through to Autumn with ease.
I don't know why but the shades have a very Spanish/Italian vibe in my opinion and I adore that they have a slightly more grown up colour palette opposed to the typical neon offerings we get each Spring/Summer.

You can shop the TOMA shades including the  It's All in the Name Spring Summer Collection via Mad Beauty - link