Struggle for a some cheap and cheerful gift ideas that most Mother's will love this coming Mothering Sunday which is actually this coming Sunday...I know it hasn't half crept upon us all this year.
Anyway one of my top recommendations has to be Lush, not only can you pick up ready made gift boxed products (my personal favourite being The Sweetest Thing - cheap, cheerful and full of great products - link) or you can do what I more often than not do pick and choose individual pieces and put them into a gift box.

Speaking on individual Lush products here is a few new pieces that have been specially created with Mothering Sunday in mind:

The Mum Re-Usable Bubble Bath Bar £5.25*
Forget your typical bunch of Daffodils and treat your Mum (and perhaps yourself) to one of Lush's Mum Re-Usable Bubble Bath Bar. A pretty Chrysanthemums (get it?) shaped solid bar of bubble bath which is presented on a stick for ease of use and to add a hint of whimsy. To use you simply begin running a bath and run the wand through the water in a "swooshing" movement, climb in and enjoy the Lime and Juniperberry scent, which is fresh and uplifting. Each want should give you at least six bubble filled baths but this is the gift that keeps giving as the Mum bar comes complete with a seed filled label. To use dig a little hole in your garden or in a soil-filled pot and pop the tag in whole water it and allow nature to take its course. Come the summer month's you should be gifted once more but this time in the form of wild flowers.

Madame Butterfly Re-Usable Bubble Bath Bar £5.25*
Another bubble bar which is essentially the same concept as the above Mum Re-Usable Bubble Bath Bar only this time around the bar is in the shape of a butterfly and has a rose scent which has been inspired by Turkish delight fragrance with a hint of lemon. If you are a fan of floral and soothing scents this is the one to go for. Again this comes complete with a label packed with seeds so you can stretch those green fingers and grow some wild flowers in the coming months.

Mumkin Bubble Bar £2.75*
Speaking of bubble baths if you pop into Lush in the coming days i'm going to have to insist that you purchase a Mumkin Bubble Bar. Not only is the bubble bar cute to look at (it reminds me of the mushroom's from Super Mario) but it smells utterly divine - juicy raspberries. This cute little ball not only produces literally mountains of pink bubbles but contains cleansing lemon oil so you are left squeaky clean after each use.

The Secret Garden Bath Bomb £2.50*
Like most one of the first proper books I ever read was the Secret Garden and it is something that has stuck with me, seeing this bath bomb is like a trip down memory lane and really doesn't disappoint.
Not only does the bath bomb look beyond pretty but it is loaded with petals that disperse into the water turning your bath into your own mini little pond...actually that sounds a little off putting doesn't it?
Imagine wandering through a meadow on a mild spring day and that is the scent you have, notes of rose, blue mallow and marigold combine to create a floral fusion. Unlike other bath bombs this does froth slightly a little like a bath foam and in my opinion is the perfect gift for your grandmother...well mine adores it anyway!

All of the above are available now both from Lush stores and from Lush online - link

* Products sent for consideration.