Newly launched in mid February was four extra shades of Avon's Super Shock Pencil Eyeliners: Khaki (metallic khaki green), Aqua Pop (metallic bright blue), Steel (metallic mid grey) and Flash (metallic ice pink). You can read my thoughts on Steel and Flash here -link.
I have it in good faith that Steel and Khaki Shimmer are re-promotes but as they are my two favourite shades from the line up I am not complaining.
Being the super fan that I am of the Avon Super Shock Eyeliner formula I had to order the other shades to have the full ensemble! 

Over the years (I can now say that as The Sunday Girl is now two years old...holy smokes)I have waxed lyrical more than once on just how wonderful I find the Avon Super Shock Eye Liners.
I own a good few of the black version of the Avon's Super Shock Pencil Eyeliners and keep them stashed everywhere as when it comes to pencil eyeliners you simply can not beat the formula or price.
If you are a fan of Urban Decay's 24/7 Liners you will adore the Super Shock Formula and the price even more, a super soft creamy gel formula that glides on with such ease, can be blended out or used as an eyeshadow base but once set they do not budge, even when applied on the water line.
Not to mention they are intensely pigmented and really do rival some of the more expensive brands I have tried in the past. Like most creamy eyeliners you can use the Avon's Super Shock Pencil formula in a number of ways: in the typical sense - on the upper and lower lash line as well as the water line, as an all over wash of colour and as a base to apply powder products on top of.

Avon Super Shock Pencil Eyeliner in Aqua Pop - This really is a beautiful and unusual shade, it is not your typical turquoise hue it is a deeper almost deep blue shade but not's quite complex and really hard to describe, it's one you have to see to fully understand. I like to team this with a smoky eye look for an unexpected pop of colour particularly on the lower lash line.

Avon Super Shock Pencil Eyeliner in Khaki - This is of course a Khaki green shade that could almost pass as an old gold hue in certain lights. I find Avon's Khaki offering to have a strong golden tone and to work beautifully on tanned and deeper skin tones, for me this is a summer shade and one I will use as an all over wash of colour for lazy days in the sun.

Avon Super Shock Pencil Eyeliner currently £3 each via Avon's online shop -link
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