Are you ready for the mother of all confessions?
I have never waxed my brows...nope never, ever and you best believe I am pretty hairy.
Yes I have had a go at plucking my own brows and on occasion filling them in with a stencil and powder
but truthfully I gave up as I could never achieve what my mind's eye saw.
Then you've got the dilemma of creating matching or as close as humanly possible to matching brows
which I am incapable of doing and more often than not resulting in me sulking with one slightly shocked, over plucked eye brown and the other well it looks like a baby caterpillar.
If this scenario sounds familiar put down the tweezers and go to your local Benefit counter that offers brow waxing, make yourself comfortable and let the Benebabe work her magic.

Last night I had the utter pleasure of not only attending Debenhams Glasgow Press Evening but also meeting the "Dream Team" as from Glasgow's Benefit Brow Bar which is of course located within Debenhams.
The absolutely lovely Vicky who is pretty much Queen of eyebrows (seriously her brows are perfect) waxed, tinted and plucked most of the attendees to the press day with a chorus of ohh's and ahh's.
Admittedly I was nervous and did take some coaxing to actually unleash my unruly brows on the team but Vicky set to work mapping out my new brow shape - a high arch to open my hooded eyes and carefully explained each step to help put nervous ninny's like myself at ease.
All in all it took 15 minutes if that to tint, trim, pluck and wax my brows which most likely won't be the case for most as up until yesterday my fringe literally hid a multitude of sins.

I highly recommend all Glaswegians looking for an amazing brow lady to head over to Debenhams Glasgow  City Center and ask for Vicky but I do recommend calling ahead as it can get pretty busy - 0141 221 4520.
Am I impressed you betcha so much so I'm booking in again in four weeks time and my mum and granny are also going to pop along too...keeping it in the family and all that!

I think next time I will take a before photo so you can truly see just how skilled Vicky is!
* Complimentary Treatment.