Like most I have a good few empty Glossy Boxes lying so in a fit of boredom I decided that I would try and beautify them a little more without retorting to anything too fancy or complicated.
Enter Washi tape your new BFF for making flat surfaces pretty without too much effort or breaking the bank (99p per roll). 

To decorate my empty box I simply applied the tape in strips and continued all over until the box was complete which surprisingly didn't take too long - half an hour in total and I had to double back on the lid as the box logo was shining through as the tape is a white background.
I decided to go for a mish mash look but as long as you don't pick a white based tape one roll will be more than enough to cover an entire Glossybox including the base.

At the moment my box is containing some China Glaze polishes but over the coming weeks I am going to compile another three or four so I can store my nail polishes by colour (sad I know). Really you can use the empty box to store anything at all or use it to hold a gift which is fitting with Mother's Day just around the corner?

I bought my Washi Tape via eBay for 99p per roll using this seller - link but do look around as there may be cheaper deals, I simply had to have the green floral tape hence why I didn't shop elsewhere.