MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick Swatch Photo

What better way to tease us all with a swatch of the upcoming RiRi Woo lipstick than on the woman herself!

Up until now I have been firmly on the fence about the Rihanna and MAC Cosmetics collaboration - RiRi Loves MAC but after seeing this truly stunning and slightly candid image of Rihanna wearing the collections signature shade I am sold! 

I may not be Rihanna's biggest fan but there is no disputing that both her and the lipstick are beautiful.
Apparently MAC RiRi Woo is based on the original and beloved MAC Ruby Woo (up until now it was Rihanna's to go to red) red lipstick with RIRI Woo being slightly bluer in tone and a smidgen deeper.
RiRi Woo will first go on sale on the 4th of May to coincide with Rihanna's World Tour and will be exclusively sold at concert venues to begin with so hopefully we will see some swatches pop up on the internet in less than a month.

From what I have gathered their will be four collections in total launched throughout 2013 as part of the RiRi Loves MAC collection - 31 various pieces in total. The 1st quarter will be launched this summer and will include the signature RiRi Woo lipstick along with two additional lipstick shades, Lustre Drops, and a blush duo. The two other parts of the collection will be released in the Autumn and should include more lipsticks, lipglass (RiRi Woo), two eyeshadow palettes, and false lashes (of course). The last installment will be on MAC counters in time for Christmas and will feature ten products including: nail polish, cosmetic bags and more lipstick shades. I must stress that although RiRi Woo is limited edition it will be sold in all four collections so there is plenty of chance to pick up a tube or two.

Are you looking forward to any of the RiRi Loves MAC collections?