Well yes and no.
Sadly or to the best of my knowledge the physical boxes are for press but the great thing about said box is that unlike any other beauty box I have featured over the years all the products featured can be bought from one store be it the physical branch or online. This of course saves on money and time!
The box I was sent features four products all of which are aimed at promoting a good nights sleep which I am in dire need of and as many will know I'm pretty much game to try any sleep related product.

So what products were selected to promote a sound nights sleep?

Wonder Oil £10.99 - Holland and Barrett deem this to be step one out of the four steps and suggest adding this oil to a hot bat to help soothe and relax tired muscles but as this is a multi-purpose oil you can use it however you see fit. Essentially this oil adds moisture to the hair and skin and has a really delightful fruity scent thanks to the citrus additions. If you like a good multi-tasking oil based product this is for you.

Cherry Juice Concentrate £11.69 - this is of course step 2 and this thick, sweet concentrate is apparently meant to help ease your body into a deep peaceful sleep particularly when combined with a cup of hot water. Sadly this is not for me as i'm not a huge fan of cherry flavors but my little brother really enjoyed the Cherry Juice Concentrate and swears by it combined with fizzy water.

Lavender Oil £4.99 - I'm sure we are all aware of how wonderful Essential Lavender Oil can be when it comes to getting plenty of shut eye. Admittedly Lavender is not my favourite fragrance in the world but along with chamomile they are the scents you want to have on your bedside table when sleep is involved.
As this is 100% essential oil you can use it in a good number of ways including popping a little into an oil burner to scent the room/house, mixing a little with a carrier oil such as the wonder oil above to massage and moisturise the skin, adding a little to a bath or popping a few drops onto a cotton pad and sliding it into your pillowcase. If you struggle to sleep every now and then this is your secret weapon.

Dr.Organic Night Cream £9.49 - This cream is one of the thickest I have ever encountered in a long while which is far too rich for my oily complexion but as a hand and foot cream there is nothing better. Of course if you have dry or normal skin i'm sure this would be a wonderful night cream but for me it is a treat for the hands and feet.

All in all a really great selection of products that have been cherry picked to help aid a restful night sleep.
Beauty boxes may be an old concept but if Holland and Barrett did decide to create a monthly or even quarterly beauty service I would be first in line to sign up!

All products mentioned above can be obtained from Holland and Barrett -link