Balance Me Stellar Face Balm Photo

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it snowed. Talk about irony.
Well both today and yesterday I spent more than what should be ever considered fair traipsing all over the city in the bitter cold in-between waiting for trains, I know, I know it's a hard life I lead - get out the tiny violins. 

However the point I'm getting around to making is that it is amazing how quickly the adverse weather can take a toll on your skin. In the space of 48 hours I have experienced dry, chapped lips as well as wind chapped cheeks. All painful and not at all fitting with my perfectly painted pastel hued nails.

If you are anything like myself you'll want an all in one product that will quickly solve any skin chapped woes with minimal fuss and in this instance I highly recommend Balance Me Stellar Face Balm .
This non-sticky but slightly thick in texture balm can be used anywhere and everywhere and instantly soothes and heal broken and stressed out skin not to mention it doubles up as a face mask and can be slicked on the cuticles too! Oh not to mention that you can also use it on the hair and on your heels to prevent your shoes from rubbing. It's pretty much one of those products that you name it and it's got it covered!

The best thing about this balm is that it is made using only 100% Natural ingredients including: organic shea butter, virgin and rosehip oil and mango seed butter - it smells out of this world!
Slick it on anywhere and everywhere that needs a little extra TLC - my top tip is to decant a little into small containers and pop them into every handbag and pocket you posses for all of life's little emergency's.

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm* 50ml/£18 via Balance Me - link