Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts Photo

Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts Photo
Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts Photo

The day of love may have been and gone but my love for this product remains...a little like a naughty love bite (no I'm not sure what has gotten into me today either).
If you are lucky enough to own a bath tub (i'm a part time bath owner, shared custody and all that) then you seriosuly need to head over to Cult Beauty and order a packet or tub of Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts.

Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts have a bizarre scent to describe not that it is not decant and beautiful but yes I lack the vocabulary to do so. But okay here and spicy, if like myself you think with your belly you may be thinking of curry but oh no nothing like that, imagine romantic but beautiful places such as Istanbul then you'll be in the ball park.

Not only do the beautiful Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts look and smell rather delightful they are jam packed with health boosting qualities. Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts are blended in the USA using only the finest of herbal ingredients, scented with essential oils and Himalayan crystals (the purest, most mineral-packed in the world). To use simply add a small amount (I use roughly an egg cup portion) to hot running water, climb in and enjoy.
Combined with the heat of the water Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts work to lower blood pressure, relax aching muscles, combat palpitations and wash your tension away with the water.

Every bathroom should own a jar of the Pink Love Salts to help unwind and ease the body after a long day.
I gifted a friend a jar for Christmas and she likes to call them her hangover cure salts...make of that what you will!

Fig + Yarrow Pink Love Salts* from £8-£24 via Cult Beauty - link

* Product sent for consideration.