Photo of B.Pure Micellar Water

Photo of B.Pure Micellar Water
Photo of B.Pure Micellar Water
Photo of B.Pure Micellar Water
Photo of B.Pure Micellar Water

There's no denying that for a least a year now Micellar cleansers have been hogging the spotlight
and although many would rather go hungry than be without their trust bottle of Bioderma Micellar Water others have been inquiring about a cheaper and animal friendly alternative.
Enter B.Pure Micellar Water!

B.Pure Micellar Water is of course a water based cleanser that can be used to quickly and effectively remove make-up from the face not excluding eye make-up.
However what separates B.Pure Micellar Water from other micellar cleansers is that not only does it cleanse but it also tones and restores the skin back to it's natural pH balance in one quick step.

Like most water based cleansers this is a non-oily and highly refreshing solution that despite claims of having a Cucumber scent I have found it to be pretty much odourless which is not a negative point by any means, particularly if you have sensitive skin or plan on using it around the delicate eye area.
To use I have been soaking four cotton pads with the liquid - one for each eye and two for the face.
I have to say that I am impressed by how well it cleanse and although it did not sting my eyes others have reported otherwise (see comments) so do approach with caution.
Unlike some I have tried in the water cleansers this does not leave my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable nor have it caused my skin to break out or produce excess oil.

For change of £5 I am rather impressed by the cleansing power of B.Pure Micellar Water given the price and the fact that you can use it on your face and eyes no matter what skin type you may have, it is going to take some doing to beat it!

B.Pure Micellar Water £4.99/150ml via Superdrug - link