This review may seem a little odd as Beginning is actually a spin of branch from Maclaren Baby.
You may know Maclaren best as a baby pram/car seat company but recently they have launched a whole array of bath and body products aimed at aiding the well being of both mother and baby.
So why have I got a candle by Maclaren when I am clearly without child?

Well a candle is a candle and when said candle is as well produced as this one you'd be crazy not to try them out for yourself. 
The Beginning Tranquility Patchouli and Rose Candle is presented beautifully, held within a light green solid glass container with a metal lid for an added touch of elegance and I imagine to also snuff the candle out too?

Appearance is all well and dandy but the selling point for me is that each candle is poured using only 100% natural wax, which is both animal cruelty free and vegan friendly as well as being eco friendly and made from renewable sources. If that is not enough the candle wick are lead free and produce no smoke or soot.
Each candle burns for up to 30 hours and is scented using only the finest essential oils so should you be buying this as a mother with a young child or are expecting the aroma is completely safe to inhale.

Scent wise the Beginning Tranquility Patchouli and Rose Candle is truly beautiful and is dominated by the Patchouli note, however the rose addition adds a slightly powdery and dreamy essence that makes it perfect to burn at night to wind down with. This is one of the few candles that I own that fills the entire house (not just the room I have it lit in) with it's fragrance within an hour of use.

It just goes to show you that sometimes it pays off to try products that aren't necessarily aimed at yourself.
However if you do have a friend or family member who has just had a baby or is due to give birth I really can not think of a better gift.

Beginning Tranquility Patchouli and Rose Candle* 160g/£20 via Boots - link
* Product sent for consideration.