This is what I'd call a really last minute Mother's Day gift idea without resorting to flowers from the local garage...not that I'm knocking that, dire situations and all that.
If Mothering Sunday has completely slipped your mind and you are looking for something to gift your beloved Mother/Granny/Auntie/loved female then you could always pop into your local supermarket and pick up some bath goodies, not exactly original but if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Oddly my family isn't all that into bath and body products, don't get me wrong they enjoy the odd bubble bath and other various bath products but other than Radox I seldom spot bubble bath products in their bathroom. What is it with women of a certain age and the brand Radox, if I as much as mention the brand both my Gran and Mum suddenly light up and ramble on about how much they adore a "good Radox bath".

For my Gran it always has and always will be Radox Bath Salts which I am going to try and track down later today, they seem to be a little more elusive than any of the other products. My Mum however is all about their various foam and creme baths so I have picked up a few to pop in a basket alongside some flowers and  chocolates. 

My personal favourite range from Radox is their Spa Radiant Shower Scrub although not quite as intense as my usual choices in body scrubs (hello I am a fake tan addict and need an industrial strength version to de-oompa loompa myself) they do a great job of gently exfoliating the skin on a daily basis and are packed with moisturising ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out.
I also adore their new fruity shower gels which are a complete snip at £1.99 each.

So if you have forgotten all about Mother's Day I may just see you in my local 24 hour supermarket scrabbling for the last bottle of foam bath, touch the Radox bath salts and I will have to go all Ninja on you.
* Products sent for consideration.