Spring 2013 Wish List

Daffodils now fill the floristry aisle in the supermarkets and for me the bright yellow flowers indicate the beginning of Spring like no other and after a bitter winter man am I ready for a little milder weather
even if it is scattered with the odd rain fall.
With each season along comes a whole slew of new products to lust after and here are the items
that rank high on my wishlist!

1, Clarins Double Serum - this is apparently the best anti-ageing serum out there at the moment
and all reviews , well the ones I have read so far have been nothing short of glowing.

2, Jo Malone Sugar and Spice Collection - after reading all about the bitter chocolate and orange scent on LBQ's blog - link it has consumed my thoughts and I pretty much know that come pay day it will be mine,
it may not be for everyone but I am sold on the spot!
The Jo Malone Sugar and Spice Collection has not yet launched but will do so in March.

3, Estée Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush in Tease - a blush that is solid yet has a jelly/gel like texture? Sign me up! I'm one of those that can not resist a slightly novelty item especially if it is as beautiful as Tease!

4, Estée Lauder Pure Colour Sheer Matte Lipstick in Rock Candy - another Estée Lauder  pick from me this time it is in the form of a matte bright coral shade that promises to be hydrating as it is matte.
I need to pop along to my local counter and swatch a few of these shades as they sound rather promising for a matte lipstick wearer such as myself.

5, Urban Decay Oz Palette in Glinda - settling on which limited edition Oz palette to lay claim on has not been easy as truthfully both have their selling points and in a true case of if I were a rich girl (if you can't hear Gwen Steffani in your head right about now I'm a little disappointed) I would own both alas I am not.
For me it has to be Glinda, not only does it have a true fresh Spring vibe but I know for a fact that it is the palette that I for one would get the most use from.

6, Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush EDP - truthfully I am not one for Vera Wang scents but there is something rather wonderful and dare I say it magical about this scent. The bright floral and fruity notes make it a spring must have (even if it is snowing outside!) and let's face it the bottle is rather fancy too!
Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush EDP from £35 via House of Fraser - link

7, Disney Princess Jasmine for Sephora - you have no idea how much it pains me that we do not have a Sephora within the UK more so now that they have teamed up with Disney to create a beautiful ornate collection based around Jasmine from Aladdin.
Oddly the item that I am leeming most is the truly stunning and Arabian inspired pocket mirror though I am sure if I was let loose in Sephora my basket would contain much more than just the one item!
Again not yet launched and will do so once again in March.

What is at the top of your wishlist?