Today I have some new soaps for 2013 from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company which of course has a special place in my heart as I will always support a home grown Scottish company...I'm loyal like that.
However even if you aren't Scottish you should still try out at least one of their soaps as not only are they so well packaged - an array of animal prints in this instance but the soap is of the highest quality and smells simply divine. 

Within the Urban Jungle collection which would make a great Valentine and/or Mothers Day gift is four different designs of keep safe tins to collect - Giraffe, Leopard, Snake and Tiger which of course is my favourite being a mini cat lady in training.
The packaging may differ but all soaps contained within are the same a large 100g chunk of triple milled soap which is perfect as a hand soap as it does not dry or strip the skin but cleanses so well.
In terms of scent the soap is a blend of cinnamon, amber and vanilla which may sound slightly spicy but rest assure it is a clean, fresh scent that does not leave a taste/scent on the skin which is super important when it comes to washing the hands, who wants to taste soap when eating with their hands? Not me.
I liken the scent a little to Imperial Leather Classic Soap only this is much more refined and sophisticated.

Soap aside I have plans for the little cute square tins once the soap has been finished  don't you think they would make a wonderful starting point for home made candles?

You can purchase the Urban Jungle Soaps by The Scottish Fine Soaps Company for £4.95 each* (100g)
directly from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company - link