I am forever harping on about not being able to sleep and a quick shuffle through some of my older posts will reveal a back catalogue of sleep inducing products all of the natural variety.
The newest product that I have putting to the test is Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball.
Oddly I have always one for Aromatherapy and used to collect weekly editions of an Aromatherpy Magazine and oils as a child...I actually planned on studying Aromatherapy but took the Art/English route instead.

So yes Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball is another sleep aide which is blended using
organic Lavender oil for tranquility, organic Bergamot oil for comfort and organic Ylang-Ylang oil to promote serenity.
As with most dream/sleep branded products this does lean heavily on the Lavender element and that of course is the most prominent scent note but due to the Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang additions it avoids being heavy or powdery and is surprisingly fresh and almost fruity in scent.

To use you simply glide the roller ball over pulse points - wrists, temples and neck to release the natural blend of oils.
Sweet Dreams has been created to help make restless nights a thing of the past and help the user switch off and relax, which it does but I must stress this will not put you to sleep instantly (who else imagined a hypnotist snapping his fingers, swinging pocket watch and all?).
What this will do is help to relax both the body and mind, settle and calm and promote a blissful feeling
much like stepping out a deep, warm bubble bath.

A lovely addition to any night time routine but not a miracle product but hey it doesn't claim to be either!

Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml/£5.50 via Tisserand - link