I have been a little quite on the hair removal front for the last few months and that is because I have been testing out the Tria At Home Hair Removal Laser.
Tria's Hair Removal Laser is the first and only cordless laser for hair removal available for home use in the UK.
The idea is that by using this you will be free from waxing, shaving or what ever hair removal process you use for life...well when used properly that is!

Before purchasing it is important to visit the Tria website - link and see if this method is suited to you
as it is reliant on skin and hair colouring. However the machine does have an inbuilt system that will only unlock if the system is suited to you on first use...very clever!

To use you simply wash, shave and dry the area you wish to use the Tria System on. On said area you place the laser tip on your skin ensuring that it is flat on your skin and hold in place until you hear a beep.
After each beep, simply glide or lift the laser tip about 1/4 inch down and wait for the next beep. Repeat over the entire designated area ensuring that the laser tip slightly overlaps the area that you just treated. I'm not going to lie and say that it takes a little getting used to because it does but with most things practice makes perfect. To begin with you will start at a low treatment level (1 or 2) and then increase by one treatment level at a time until you've reached the highest treatment level comfortable to you. The higher the treatment level, the faster and better the results. With the first treatment do not worry if the skin seems a little red, it happened to me too and it is completely normal by the third treatment this subsides.

I'm sure the burning question most will have is does it hurt? Well yes and no!
In terms of pain I wouldn't really say it is a big issue yes you feel something but painful is over stretching it a little, best described I would say it feels a little like an elastic band snapping against the skin but bot quite as extreme. Afterwards you might experience a little burning sensation - something like sun burn but once again not quite as intense. Although Tria makes no mention of it I have found a quite application of Aloe Vera Gel to really take the sting out of any session.

I find laser hair removal a little daunting when first trying out any system for the first time so I do tend to stick to smaller areas, this time around I decided to trial it on the sides of my face. Like most with dark hair and olive skin I suffer from little downy dark hairs at the side of my face. To begin with I will be frank I saw no results what so ever but around 7 weeks in the hair did begin to become a lot more sparse, finer and less noticeable  Now I am at the 12 week mark this is still the case only a little more so but I am not hair free yet.
For that to happen you have to use it fairly religiously for at least 6 months which is a large commitments
and not something I can promise to stick with.
However if you have the time and patience I am willing to bet it will be one of the best investments you have made!

Tria At Home Hair Removal Laser* £375 via Tria - link