Stop the press!
I have found a body oil product that I not only like but it works amazingly well.
Yes the person who pretty much loathes all oil based products is slowly but surely making her way over to the dark side.
Step up Sanctuary Spa's Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray.

Unlike some body oils this is mess and fuss free as you simply spray it in to the skin and either leave to absorb naturally or rub into the skin if waiting around is not your thing.
The oil is a combination of skin conditioning oils such as Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil,
all combine to replenishes and protect the skin which is perfect for parched winter skin.
As it is a dry oil spray you skip the tacky/sticky sensation but gain the instant hydration boost which is coupled with a delightful almost fruit scent - Jojoba and Sweet Almond.

Not only does this hydrate the skin but it leaves a light sheen too, it looks truly amazing on bare tanned legs!
Okay the last statement doesn't really apply to our current climate here in the UK but come summer 
when you dust off your shorts and skirts you will be thankful for this little oil spray...hello longer, sexier legs!

Sanctuary Spa's Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray 50ml/£2.50 via Boots - link