I will be the first to admit that I am a huge sucker for novelty products so when the new Topshop Peel Off nail polishes hit the stands I had to pick up one to curb my curiosity.
At the moment there are four shades within Topshop's Peel Off Nails range and I went for the cornflower blue polish dubbed On The Blink which is a little duller in reality than my photo's let on.

So yes peel off nail polish what is that all about?
Essentially it works on a very similar premise to those you may have used as a little pup (if you are in your twenties you may recall the Tinkerbell range?), you simply paint on two coats and peel off when you've had enough. Sounds great doesn't it? 

Well it is and it isn't. You see two coats don't quite leave you with a flawless application, three would be better to rid yourself of any little streaks but the more coats you apply the less likely it is to peel off.
Speaking of peeling off I experienced no problems with that aspect, the trick is to let the polish dry fully before attempting to remove it, easier said than done I know.
I would compare the peeling effect to a similar effect as PVA glue which I know a good few use as a base coat to help remove glitter polish a little easier.

Now with anything that peels off you do have to be a little more cautious with your nails as the formula does chip and peel off a little easier than your normal nail polish. For what it is worth it is a pretty cool addition to the already expansive Topshop nail polish range and great for those that like to change their polish really frequently. Oh and you didn't hear this from me but if you paint a quick layer of any of the peel off polishes on top of another nail polish it removes it...worth noting for those days when you run out of nail polish remover eh?

Topshop Peel Off Nails in On the Blink £6/10ml via Topshop - link