I have so much catching up to do in terms of blogging due to technical issues with my camera
but now we are back on track what better place to draw a breath than with an Illamasqua lipstick?
The shade today I have to share is from the latest Illamasqua collection I'mperfection and is called Immodest - I wonder if that is also a play on words...i'm modest?

Illamasaqua packaging is always pretty basic yet retains a sleek edge with polished black plastic,
with the small yet identifiable Illamasqua font and emblem printed on the tube.
The lipstick case is slightly different in shape from the typical lipstick as it has beveled edges
which is a theme Illamasqua use throughout their entire make-up range.
Most importantly it is sturdy and protects the lipstick held inside and that is all that matters to me.

Illamasqua list Immodest as a vivid pink but to elaborate a little further I would say that it is a blue based hot pink that is bright and almost raspberry in tone without being neon pink, which so many pink lipsticks seem to be at the moment. I don't have anything exactly like Immodest but that being said there is plenty of bright blue based pinks out there so it shouldn't be too difficult to dupe.
For me this is most certainly a cool toned pink and despite being pretty bold it is surprisingly wearable (I think the matte finish tones the shade down a little) and is the perfect addition to any make-up bag to help shake things up a little.

My swatch photos don't quite show just how matte this formula is, it is extremely matte
and will show up any faults you may have on the lips, particularly dryness.I had no idea my lips
were so dry until I applied a quick layer of this on so I do suggest prepping the lips with a scrub and balm before application.
That aside it is one of the most pigmented shades I have every used and gives full opaque coverage in
one clean swipe and although it does highlight dryness on the lips it does not contribute.
As far as true matte lipsticks go this is not the most drying and the plus side is that when applying it does not pull or tug on the lips.
In terms of wear I found this shade to last around 3 hours before fading which it didn't do evenly
which is often the case I find with lighter shades but on the plus side it does not feather or bleed
and is really comfortable to wear!

Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick £16/4g via Illamasqua - link