I would love nothing more than to say this duo of aromatherapeutic solutions worked for me but sadly that was not the case. As many will know I am a little hung up on sleep aide products at the moment and had high hopes for the This Works Dream Team duo after all the praise it has received from fellow bloggers but for me it is just another over hyped set of products.

This Works Dream Team duo consists of both a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Stress Less roll on oil product. The Deep Sleep Pillow spray despite being tinged with notes of lavender and chamomile had a definite spicy scent and was not at all pleasant, needless to say the idea of spraying my bed linen with this product was a little daunting but I give it a whirl anyway. After 10 minutes between the sheets the spicy scent did not subside and I gave up, got up and changed the linen...not exactly the start to a restful night of sleep is it? The Stress Less roll on oil has a strong eucalyptus scent and is not bad at all, I wouldn't agree with the worry less aspect nor would I say it had a calm and restful promoting property but if you have a cold it does clear the sinuses. 

Sadly I have to say out of all the sleep and rest promoting products I have tried over the last few months this has to be the weakest out of the bunch and I'm overjoyed that I did only purchase the mini sizes.
I am a tad disappointed in the duo but I am glad it works for others, you'd think I'd be put of by the brand but nope I have ordered the sleep balm to see if that fairs any better.
I guess the search for my perfect bedtime product line up continues!

This Works The Dream Team £10 via Feel Unique - link