I think technically we are now in the very early days of Spring? Then again I am the last person to ask as I seldom pay attention to things like that and find myself more concerned about what the weather says outside
and at the moment that is a thick blanket of sleet!
Just because the weather outside is suggesting gloves and numerous layers of clothing doesn't mean you can't have a lovely subtle golden tan, which is my plan for today but I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 3 subtle self tanners!

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse 
I doubt that there is a self tanning junkie amongst us that hasn't tried this at some point in their tanning life?
I highly recommend this tanner for those who are just beginning to self tan and for those that worry about streaks or skipping areas of skin completely  As it is tinted you can see exactly where you have applied the product minimising the risk of a patchy tan, team it with a self tanning mitt for a quick and flawless tan.
Speaking of quick as this is a mousse based product it dries super quickly (great for the chilly weather) and develops within 6 hours. The one thing I do have to say about St Tropez products is that they have a strong olive tone (green) which may not be suited to all skin tones and can look a little off on those who are rather fair skinned. Personally I do find that if you have any inclination of an olive tone to your skin this is the most natural product out there. In my experience this gives a light tan and is really great for evening the skin tone 
and it can help disguise stretchmarks etc.

Sisley Self Tanning Lotion 
Arguably the most pricey addition to my self tanning family but this is the product I rely on for a light golden glow if I have somewhere important to be.
Unlike some tanning sprays on the market this is not an aerosol but a natural pump spray
that finely mists the body with a lightly scented lotion that you can either leave to absorb into
the skin on it's own or do what I do and rub in using a tanning mitt.

This is not the deepest self tanner on the market but it does deepen my skin by around two shades
without giving an orange tint to my skin. The effect is a light golden bronze which looks
very natural and is suitable for most skin tones - deep skins may struggle to see any results.
Sisley Self Tanning Lotion is what I use when I return from holiday and notice that a few weeks later that my natural tan has began to fade.

Famous Dave Gradual 10 Gradual Self Tanner
What I love about Famous Dave's Gradual 10 is that the scent is reminiscent of summer - it reminds me of sun lotion and the beach which is a warm welcome on a gloomy night.
Oddly although the Gradual 10 formula contains Cocoa Butter and does not react with my skin despite me being allergic...how odd! Anyway with the addition of the cocoa butter this has the texture of a thick, luxurious body butter and is a complete joy to apply.
Once applied and allowed to develop one application deepens my skin tone by around one shade which is sometimes enough for the winter months but as this is a gradual self tanner you can apply this daily until you achieve the desired intensity.
This is by far the most natural and pretty much a fail safe for all skin tones and perfect for just a hint of a tan
although applying it daily can be a chore!

Products Mentioned
St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse 120ml/£20.49 via Boots - link

Sisley Self Tanning Lotion Spray* - link
Famous Dave Gradual 10 Gradual Self Tanner* 250ml/£17.99 via Boots - link