Not so long ago I was contacted by the very lovely owner of Shimmer Polishes - link and asked if I wanted to try out some new polish shades after browsing her store I quickly said yes!
I know cool story bro but here's the cool part, Shimmer Polishes also make custom nail colours which can be named whatever you want. Being the slightly egotistical blogger that I am I simply had to commission a Sunday Girl shade as believe it or not within the Shimmer Polish range the shade Adrienne already existed!

Essentially I asked Shimmer Polishes to create a super sparkly pink that could give Debroah Lippmann's Candy Shop a run for it's money and I am more than happy with the final product.
Sunday Girl is a light milky pink base than looks almost lilac in some lights with a mix of tiny flecks of various shades of pink, purple and iridescent glitter for a super girly feel!
Annoyingly the shade doesn't photo graph all that well and you will just have to take my word that in reality it is 100% more beautiful!
I apologise that the swatch is not all that great, sadly I have now broken both my cameras and will be without one until Saturday so check back then for more swatches, i.e ones after I've cleaned up my edges.

I have layered two coats of Shimmer Polish Sunday Girl over Essie Cascade Cool and experienced no problems with the formula, it applied well, dried quickly and evenly.
Now I can't wait to begin showing you some other shades as the days go on!

You can create your own custom polish from £9.53 via Shimmer Polish on Etsy - link

*I was sent some samples to show you all but this one I paid for myself.