When it comes to nail care I will be brutally honest and say I am doing well if I remember to file my nails in one direction let alone faff around with top coats, base coats, growth treatments and what ever other fancy Dan concoctions they stock in the beauty aisles.
I'm a two coats of nail polish, wear it until it chips or you gnaw it off kinda gal.
Disgusting I know but true, very, very true. Sorry (I'm not sorry)!

When the beauty team at Vogue rate a product highly like most beauty junkies out there my ears prick up
and when said item is a mere £2.99 well you drag your sorry butt to the nearest stockist 
and hand over the cash, no questions asked.
Well this was the case just over a fortnight ago when the Vogue Beauty Team went a little gaga over Superdrug's Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen with Vitamin E stating that "We have been using it nightly since January 1 (hello, new year's resolutions) and can now report THE STRONGEST NAILS WE'VE EVER HAD - BY A LONG WAY. Honestly, the results are miraculous. And for just £2.99! Anyone with weak, brittle, weather-ravaged nails, you know what to do…" - Vogue
Yup sign me up, that's what!

Essentially the Superdrug Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen is a brush on treatment that combines both Vitamin E
and Almond Oil to provide a formula that aims to soften the cuticle, lock in moisture, protect against brittleness, prevent breakages and generally create healthier nails.
What I really like is how easy the product is to use, you simply brush on a light application of the sweet smelling oil, massage into the nails and surrounding skin and job done - I tend to do it before bed.
Admittedly as it is oil based it can be a little greasy but I find the product to sink in fairly quickly.

Does it work I hear you cry?
Yes it does, my cuticles are a lost cause purely because I refuse to push them back - the thought makes me feel queasy and I can't bring myself to do it but my nails haven't peeled in the last few weeks which they are prone to doing and my nails certainly feel stronger.

For less than £3 it certainly is a great find! Superdrug Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen £2.99 via Superdrug - link