At the moment I am on a no heat kick in order to let my hair grow and I have to say so far so good.
Considering I started in November and have only used heat on my hair less than a handful of times i'd say all in all i'm doing well, wouldn't you?

Anyway with no heat to help tame my wavy, thick mop of hair I have had to source products that will help maintain order. However you should know that I am a complete fuss pot and loathe anything heavy or sticky in my hair, I have to be able to touch my hair without being grossed out. Over dramatic moi? Never!

Bumble and Bumble (un) Dressing Creme is the latest product that has won over my affections, a silky non sticky creme product that does not weigh my hair down yet has a little hold to help prevent frizz and keep my  poor excuse of a style in ship shape.

If like myself you enjoy tousled bed head type waves with minimal effort then you may want to test this out, although my hair is naturally wavy I find this product helps to define said waves and adds a bucketful of volume...flat hair no thank you!

For five minute hair that looks like you made an effort when you really didn't I find taking a 50p sized blob of Bumble and Bumble (un) Dressing Creme between my palms, dispensing it throughout my hair and quickly ruffling it around does the trick.
I then take half a pea size (we are getting uber technical today) blob and rub it through my roots, quickly teasing with my finger tips for a little volume.

If you are a wake up and go kinda gal then you will enjoy this product and the extra ten minutes in bed...I know I do!

Bumble and Bumble (un) Dressing Creme* 60ml/£9.50 via Bumble and Bumble - link