Launching on the 13th March is Sleek Make-Up's newest cosmetic offering dubbed the Aqua collection which borrows inspiration from all things aquatic - like most I can't help but picture Mermaids, warm but crystal blue seas and tropical fish...oh how I wish I was on holiday right now!
Sleek Make-Up Limited Edition Aqua Collection of course features the usual suspects such as the eyeshadow palette and blush but it also features a dinky little set of nail polishes which Sleek Make-Up aren't exactly renowned for.

Sleek Make-Up Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette R.R.P £7.99

As with every Sleek Make-Up Eyeshadow palette this boasts 12 well pigmented eyeshadow shades and this instance the colour scheme does veer bright and bold with the odd neutral popped in for good measure.
Of course with all things aquatic being the main inspiration of this collective the palette does feature a good few green and blue shades which are surprisingly wearable thanks to the shimmer/metallic finish of each shade. Speaking of eyeshadow finish the Lagoon palette does feature mainly metallic shades with only three matte shades throughout. On the whole the shades are well formulated - soft to the touch, blend well, highly pigmented and wear for over 8 hours when primed. However the matte shades are a little chalky and all the shades do produce quite a substantial amount of product fall out. That being said for change of £8 it is a good little palette bursting full of bright shades that will see you through summer and beyond.
My personal favourite has to be the bright bronze shade that is Seashell!

Sleek Make-Up Mirrored Pink Blush R.R.P £4.49

I have a feeling fans of Sleek Make-Up's Rose Gold blush will be rushing out to snap up the newest blush to join the Sleek Make-Up line up. In my opinion Mirrored Pink is the younger and cooler toned little sister to Rose Gold. Sleek Make-Up's Mirrored Pink blush is a mid toned but rosy pink that normally I would deem to be warm in tone but thanks to the light silver shimmer flecks running throughout the blush takes on a cool undertone. As with all Sleek Make-Up blushes this is of course crazily pigmented so much so that you should approach with a less is more attitude. On the skin I find it to give a slight sun kissed/burnt look but the shimmer element does highlight flaws such as enlarged pores and fine lines. However if you are lucky enough to be blessed with better skin that I, this is a great summer blush that easily wears for 8 hours even on oily skin.

Sleek Make-Up Aqua Collection Nail Set R.R.P £9.99

To round off the collection nicely we have a dinky little set of four nail polishes, all in bright, bold shades that are perfect for Summer both in colour and size which makes them perfect for travel.
On the whole the polishes are a little sheer and do require a few coats to build up colour intensity but even then they are not fully opaque, for best results I do recommend layering over a white polish.

Côte d'Azur - A muted turquoise that is almost milky in tone and not your typical bright summer blue/green.
Out of the four polishes this is the shade that offered the most coverage and was opaque in two coats.

Tropic - A bright yellow that is very sheer on the nails and does require a good few coats to get it going.
I do think that once layered over a white polish this would be a great, bright sunshine yellow.

Pink Mirage - A slightly dusky pink that has a slight purple leaning. To me this is more of a Spring shade as I tend to associate neon pink's with the Summer months. This shares a similar formula to Côte d'Azur and is one of the better formulated shades in the quad.

Deep Coral - This is the perfect sizzling orange based coral nails shade that will pop with a tan be it real or faux, sadly this is a little sheer but much like Tropic once layered over a white base I imagine it will really come to life.

The Sleek Make-Up Limited Edition Aqua Collection* launches on the 13th of March via Sleek Make-Up's web store - link and via selected Superdrug stores.