Today I awoke to news that it was and may still be snowing in parts of England?
Well i'm sorry Mother Nature you had your chance to snow over the last few months and you did to your credit, albeit a little late on in the winter but snow is snow and now the first signs of Spring are on the way you want to white wash them? No, i'm not having that. 

If like me you get unfeasibly angry over snow then I may have the prefect pick me up and at £1.99 each they won't break the bank either!
Newly launched is three new fruity shower creams from Radox each of which have been inspired by nature (the scent) and boast not only a delightfully sweet smelling fragrance but have a great moisturising formula that gently cleanses the skin while locking in moisture.

Sometimes with fruity scented bath and body products they can be a little too sweet and veer on the sticky/sickly end of the spectrum however I am glad to report that this is not the case with this trio.
Each scent truly is divine and will be perfect for the warmer weather (should it ever arrive) or for blasting away any remaining winter blues.

Berry Burst - this scent is said to include notes of berry and milk, to me it is reminiscent of raspberry yogurt  Creamy and fruity at the same time.

Cherry Blast - this is my favourite from the trio, it contains both the scent of juicy cherries and citrus oils.
To my nose this does have a slight sugary note and is more akin to glazed cherries than fresh cherries.

Coconut Kiss - this is the most authentic in terms of scent out of the line up and smells pretty similar to coconut oil only a little creamier and sweeter. Coconut in my eyes is the prefect holiday scent and forever reminds me of times spent in the sun...sun oil anyone?

As mentioned these do retail for £1.99 each and can be found in selected Boots, Sainsbury's and Savers Stores but at the moment they are on offer for 99p in Boots (in-store not online) - link
* Product sent for consideration.