There was a long while when I was really young that it seemed like every woman wore the original Jean Paul Gaultier Classique scent, I can recall my elder cousin having a bottle in the late 90's and my mum deeming the bottle too racy for someone of my tender age to own...spoil sport.

Anyway a few friends still wear the original scent today and although it is not my personal favourite I will be the first to admit that the fragrance has something about it and is instantly recognizable.

Well fans and fragrance fans alike may be pleased to know that to celebrate the original scents 20th birthday a special edition of the fragrance will be launched - Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Belle en Corset.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Belle en Corset will launch this Spring (most likely April) and will have notes of orange blossom, rose, amber and vanilla. To me it sounds warm, feminine and fresh and hopefully a little sweet too. Truthfully much like the Theirry Mugler house of fragrances I have found that when Jean Paul Gaultier launch a special edition of their Classique scent it never deviates too far from the original.

Are you a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique?

Image Credit -Fragrantica