With the huge success of the Chubby Sticks for lips it was only ever a matter of time until the Chubby Stick empire expanded and the latest edition to the Chubby family is Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes.
Launching on the 15th of this month is eleven new shades of cream eyeshadow from Clinique
and let me tell you they live up to the hype!

Very much like their lip counterparts the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes are packaged in chunky crayon style casings which are very easy to grip...even on a packed train, trust me.
As they are in pencil form you can apply straight to the lips and blend out with a brush or your fingertips,
again a god send when you are on the go.
One thing that completely sells the new additions to me is the fact that unlike traditional eye pencils you simply twist up the base to expose fresh product, gone are the days of losing half an eye pencil to a sharpener!

The two shades I was sent are:

05 Whopping Willow - a golden olive green that looks wonderful on tanned/medium complexions and is my must have shade for the summer, team it with a coral lip shade  and you have my staple summer look.

10 Big Blue - a blue that has silver leanings that results in this being more of a blue/grey shade than a true blue. As far as blue shades go this is fairly muted and not at all daunting, I find this to make a great base for a navy based smoky eye.

Clinique list the new shadow tints as sheer and state that they provide a long-wearing and non-smudging formula and that each shade has been enriched with vitamin E for a soothing and smoothing quality which is crucial for use on the delicate eye area.
All in all I have to agree but will say that some shades are sheerer than others (Big Blue) but found the formula to glide on with ease and can be built up in intensity if needed.
Both shades that I have tried out have a metallic yet shimmery finish and do settle to an almost powder finish.
In terms of wear when primed I have found that when worn alone they fair for around 8 hours but a little longer when teamed with a powder product. You should bear in mind that I do have oily eye lids and that will affect wear time substantially. 

Like most cream products you can use these little stubby barrels of colour in a multitude of ways such as an all over wash of colour, as an eyeliner or as a base for powder products to go on top off.
Once these launch I will be trotting along to my nearest Clinique counter and picking up Ample Amber
which looks set to be a great partner to my beloved MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow.
For me the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes get a big fat thumbs up but i'm betting it is only a matter of months, perhaps even weeks until the high street knocks out their offerings.
For the record my money is Revlon being the first!

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes* £16/3g each and launch at counters nationwide on the 15th
but if you can not wait until then you can order online via Clinique - link