The newest scent by Kim Kardashian (her third I believe?) is here just in time for Valentines day and really couldn't be more fitting if it tried.
As it is currently on offer at Debenhams with up to 46% off there couldn't be a better time to treat yourself
or a loved one to a flirty bottle or two.

Glam by Kim Kardashian is encased within a cute pink bottle with diamante accents (it is the same shape of bottle as her first scent) is the girliest fragrance I have tested in the longest while!
A delicate and feminine blend of floral's notes such as Star Jasmine, Egyptian Tuberose and Rose Absolute form the top notes while notes of Orris Butter, Musk and Sandalwood form the base which in turn allow the scent to linger and add a sensual element.

Of course fragrances are difficult to describe and let's face it they are perhaps the most subjective product that a beauty blogger could cover with us all having really varying scent preferences but best summed up I would say this reminds me a little of Britney Spears's Fantasy perfume but a more night appropriate version.
It is sweet and very, very feminine without being sickly due to the slight musky notes.
Obviously this scent is aimed at the younger ladies such as teens and slightly older but i'm in  my mid twenties I have to say I'm rather enjoying wearing Glam by Kim Kardashian and find it a lovely evening scent.

 Glam by Kim Kardashdian Eau de Parfum* from £12.39-£35.95 via Debenhams - link