I'm quickly becoming obsessed with NARS cosmetics most particularly their blushes,
truth be told I find the formula very difficult to beat almost as difficult as choosing what shade to purchase.
My newest addition is NARS Taj Mahal which is not a shade I would automatically choose but it is nice to live a little on the edge, even if the most adventurous you happen to be is through your make-up choices haha!

I'm only going to briefly touch on the NARS packaging as for most it is a case of been there, done that.
Although it looks very sleek and modern the NARS rubberised casings are prone to dirt and fingerprints like no other but they do contain rather great mirrors so all is not lost.
Yes they are dirt magnets but they do clean up rather well and quickly with a wet wipe so one can't complain too much!

As mentioned the bright golden orange hue of Taj Mahal is not my usual calling but there was something special about the shade that I just couldn't resist.
Taj Mahal is a bright almost tangerine orange shade with a strong element of golden shimmer which leans fairly neutral in tone, okay admittedly it doesn't sound all that wonderful on paper but on mid to deeper skin tones it translates into something special.
Now a word to the wise is that this crazily pigmented even more so than your typical NARS blush so do approach with caution and a very light hand. 
Unlike other NARS blushes this has no glitter what so ever just a high sheen finish that gives the skin a healthy glow.

In terms of formula I always classify Nars blushes as fairly firm, perhaps that is why the have a tendency
to shatter quite so easily but despite not being the softest blush around they pick up nicely onto
brushes, have minimal fall out and blend really well - no harsh lines that take an age to buffer out.
I don't find Nars blushes to present any problems when it comes to dry areas and on my oily 
skin when primed I find this wears for around 8 hours before a little fading occurs where as normal NARS blushes seem to fair for around 6 hours so I think that goes to show just how intense this shade is!

 NARS Taj Mahal Blush £20.50/4.8g via ASOS - link