Can you believe that Jennifer Lopez's newest scent Forever Glowing will be her 19th fragrance launch? I can still recall when J-Lo Glow launched and I begged for a bottle much to my mothers dismay saying I was too young for perfume. I was but a bottle of that slightly soapy yet lily based scent was mine that Christmas and I have since went on to at least test each scent the Latina lovely that is Jennifer Lopez has launched.

Launching in a matter of days is Forever Glowing which follows on from last years launch of "Glowing" which is described as an fresh woody fragrance, not all that typical of the past scents from Ms.Lopez. The new edition is being hailed as a light fragrant breeze on your skin and wind in your hair, which does sound perfect for the warmer months of Spring and Summer.

Top notes include saffron, white pepper and white honey, the heart notes come from the freshness neroli, complimented with creamy jasmine tones and blended together with the subtle yet masculine note of suede. Sweet notes such as patchouli, iris, toffee caramel and vanilla form the lingering base notes.

Jennifer Lopez Forever Glowing will be available in both 30ml and 50 ml sizes and will be an Eau de Parfum.