With Valentines Day mere days away expect to see an abundance of love and rose themed products coming your way! The one product I simply had to share is Aveda Love Pure-fume Absolute,
a simple blend of pure oils that is powerful in scent yet tiny in form!

All of the scents available within the Pure-Fume range fuse together both the power of scent and the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy. Aveda Love Pure-fume Absolute contains Sandalwood which lends a slightly spicy yet aromatic note that is known to relieve stress. It also contains the warmth of Jasmine which is of course a floral note that gives an uplifting element. You don't create a scent with Love in the title and not include rose...it's simply not done! The rose accent deepens the over all scent while the addition of Ylang Ylang gives a sweeter edge. Base notes include Bergamot, Frankincense and Myrrh which only strengthen the earlier spicy note of Sandalwood. 

Normally I am not one for spicy scents or anything that isn't sweet and dare I say it fruity but Aveda Love Pure-fume Absolute reminds me a little of Tom Ford's Black Orchid, strong, sexy and unexpected.
Aveda Love Pure-fume Absolute is not a scent I would wear everyday but one I would lean on for evening wear or for those moments that I need a little encouragement to stand my ground or be taken seriously.
One thing is for sure that this is most certainly a grow up sexy scent that you can't help but feel empowered when you wear.

To use you simply roll the fragrance over your pulse points and let it work its magic.
As it is a small, glass vial with a roller ball it is wonderful for slipping into even the tiniest of handbags for on the go applications.

Aveda Love Pure-fume Absolute* £21/7ml via Aveda - link