I've dabbled with various eye creams over the years and other than Balance Me Beauty's Wonder Eye Cream none have really blown me away or lived up to my exceptions, well until I began trailing Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Cream. As many will know pretty much every skin care product that Indeed Labs launch sells out pretty much instantaneously and tend to go down rather well with us beauty types, however I am a sceptic and I never fully believe all the hype...oh doubting Thomas how I was wrong!

How one little small white tube can do so much to my eye area truly is astonishing - small in size, mighty in power! Now I am no scientist nor do I pretend to understand anything in that field (shockingly I do have physics and chemistry qualifications but how that happened is anyone's guess!) but I do know that Eysilix contains new technology dubbed NanoTensor Delivery System (thank you back of the box). From my simple understanding NTDS is the technology that relaxes and soothes the skin around the delicate eye areas and in turn promotes the improvement of any signs of ageing (wrinkles/fine lines). As soon as you apply Eysilix you can notice the instant eye relief claim in the form of a cooling sensation. The other key ingredient is peptides (again not got a real idea what those are but I do know that they are a welcome addition as they help de-puff the under eye area, lightening dark circles and generally perk up the entire eye area and disguise signs of fatigue.

As you'd expect from most eye creams Eysilix is fairly light in texture but is a little thicker than most eye creams I have used in the past. From the instant you apply you will notice a combination of the skin tightening and perhaps tingling slightly - I know it sounds unpleasant but it really isn't all that bad and that is your way of knowing it is going straight to work.
Now at £24.99 for 15ml it doesn't come cheap but luckily you do only have to use a little for each application as it spreads so well. I do recommend leaving at least 20 minutes before applying make-up on top of it as it has a tendency when not fully absorbed to encourage under eye make-up to crease and slide.

So the million dollar question is does it work? Yes it truly does although I can not comment on the ageing element just yet but I can vouch that it not only tightens and freshens the eye area without being harsh but it does a rather grand job of combating my two main problems puffy under eyes and dark circles.
Within a week of using puffy skin was a thing of the past and around two weeks in (I have been using Eysilix for two months now) my dark circles were gone completely.
It pains me to say it but the hype surrounding this product is 100% true and I am more tempted than ever to rush out and pick up a few other items from the Indeed Labs range as the results are nothing short of fabulous!

Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Cream £24.99/15ml via Boots - link