The recent arrival of Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection has everyone in a flap (pun fully intended  for the speckled polishes that take center stage on this launch.
Don't get me wrong the entire launch is delightful with a bright pink lipstick (review coming soon), a funky yet innovative blush brush, blush duo's and so much more but the polishes are what we all want to get our hands on and rightly so too!

All in there are five speckle type shades that remind me both of freckles on the face/body and Cadbury's Mini Eggs, due to the light pastel base shades they are soft and very Spring appropriate yet the dark matte glitter particles which give the speckle effect give an all over edgier feel.
Speckle is a milky blue toned lavender base with black matte glitter chunks of varying sizes.

Illamasqua polishes are renowned for their quality and this shade is no different two quick coats gives an impressive yet unique finish with a high sheen almost jelly finish coupled with a quick drying formula.
It really is love in two coats and what could be more perfect that Mini Egg inspired nails for upcoming Easter?

I am completely hooked and it is all I can do not to order the other shades in the collection.
What do you think of the I'mperfection collection and most importantly the speckled polishes?

Illamasqua Speckle Nail Varnish £14.50/15ml via Illamasqua - link