L'Oreal Top Coat in Confettis
L'Oreal Top Coat in Confettis
L'Oreal Top Coat in Confettis

It seems that the large cosmetic brands are taking a leaf out of Indie nail companies of late and offering up a good few indie inspired top coats and nail colours.
With the likes of Illamasqua's Speckle polishes and the soon to be launched Nails Inc Feather polishes
one thing nails won't be doing this season is playing it safe!

The one polish that we all seem to be lusting after is of course L'Oreal' Top Coat in Confettis,
a clear base with matte flecks of black and white "glitter", if you look close enough there is tiny little flecks and I mean tiny of silver glitter. This prevents the polish looking flat.
In my eyes it reminds me of salt and pepper more than confetti but either way there is no denying that it jazzes up most nail colours and other than white and black shades of polish there's not much you can't layer it over.

I decided to pop a coats over O.P.I's Gargantuan Green Grape to add a little rocky edge to a typical mint pastel green - mint choc ice cream anyone?
I found L'Oreal's Confettis to apply well, the easiest way to apply for full coverage is to dab the polish on,
this way the flecks disperse a little easier and it saves on multiple coats.
My only compliant is that I did find the brush a little wide but my nails are fairly narrow (photos may suggest other wise but I have tiny, chubby kid like hands) so it can get a little messy.
The dry time was average and once dry it does not turn matte which is always a bonus in my book.

All in all a great polish to keep in your stash to add a little je ne sais quoi to any manicure.

 L'Oreal Top Coat in Confettis £4.99/5ml via Boots - link