I do try to keep this blog purely beauty related and I'm sure this little phone cover just about sneaks under that umbrella as after all it is nail polish shaped? I'm a little in love with it and really couldn't resist sharing so I hope you all forgive me this one time?

I'm sure by now a good few of you will have already seen this style of phone case popping up on blogs and what not but mine has only just arrived despite being ordered as a sneaky gift to myself just before Christmas. However don't let that put you off as my friend who followed suit after my pestering got her's before me with around a week turnaround time - not bad considering it came from Sinagpore...I guess mine settled on the scenic route?

Anyway I decided  that the shade/option Suspicious would be most fitting for myself as I am a rather paranoid person and suspicious of everyone and everything, that and red is my favourite colour haha!

I do think I will go back for a few more as they are quite well made and let's face it who doesn't love a little Chanel in their lives even if it is faux!

Chanel Nail Polish Phone Case approx £12.23 (inc delivery) via Etsy - link