As some may know I have decided to go back to blonde after almost a year of having really dark brown almost black hair. I have only just started the transition so I'm sadly still a mid brown and have another good few sets of highlights before I am anywhere near the shade I hope to achieve. My main problem is bleach is involved and when there is bleach there will be damage!

Going from brunette to blonde obviously has resulted in me having to change my hair care routine and the one product I really want to recommend and review has to be Alterna Caviar REPAIRx Caviar Repair Fix and Fill Treatment. This super thick conditioning treatment not only hydrates and nourishes the hair but is a deeply restorative treatment that contains hundreds of water-activated micro-beads (you can squish them with your fingers if you are a big kid like me). The beauty of the micro-beads are that each tiny capsule contains a highly concentrated dose of protein which in turn restructure each hair strand. The protein based formula fills in any gaps and tears in each individual strand that can accumulate over the years through styling and general wear and tear. Alterna Caviar REPAIRx Caviar Repair Fix and Fill Treatment also smooths down the cuticle. so hair appears glossy and soft to the touch.

The complete and utter selling point of this treatment? 
Well it works it's magic in 3 quick minutes and only has to be used once a week!
Not bad for something that works from the first use and over time fixes past damage, if your hair has seen better days snap up a tub of this ASAP and let me know how you get on.

Alterna Caviar REPAIRx Caviar Repair Fix and Fill Treatment*$42 via Alterna  - link