Who says beauty products have to cost the earth, not the beauty bloggers I asked that's for sure!
Today an entire slew of fellow beauty junkies share their must have beauty products that are kind on the purse, if any tickle your fancy you can splurge save in the knowledge that each product is less than £10!

A good few bloggers including Danielle, Sarah and Anne swear by Collection's (formerly Collection 2000) lasting perfection concealer agreeing that for the price (under £5) it offers amazing coverage and does last all day. I have to agree but do wish they offered more shades! Wonsuponatime strengthens this statement by adding that she rates anything at all by Collection!

Another concealer recommendation comes from Shell, if you are watching the penny's she rates the MUA concealer palette. Telling us that it is creamy, blends easy and that it is just as good as the expensive ones she has tried.

Gina was quick to tell me that NYC smooth skin perfecting primer is a complete must have! Foundation has never stayed on my skin longer then 3 hours even high end it does now...consider me sold.

Looking for the ultimate liquid eyeliner? Well Ali Zombie reckons she has found it stating that MUA's waterproof liquid eyeliner doesn't budge all day even if you try and make it! Sounds great for those who struggle with watery eyes!

For all us who struggle with frizzy hair Lisa has us covered with her recommendation of V05 miracle concentrate, noting that it has helped get her hair get into amazing condition and also helps to tame frizz!

Another V05 recommendation comes from Chelsea and she rates their miracle concentrate which is great hair oil that smells simply amazing!

Chapped lips? Not any more with this duo of lip balms you won't be! First up Rachel swears by Blistex Relief Cream, noting that it provides heavy duty moisture even to the driest of lips! Another lip recommendation comes from Laura who swears by Carmex (me too!) Laura states that it is the best instant lip rescue. and no makeup bag should be without it!

Epiphannie notes that since using Ben Nye translucent powder in Sienna on her under eye area nothing moves at all, which sounds like a lifesaver for my oily skin! She also adds that at £6 it is the best under eye powder I've come across. I think the time for me to purchase the Banana version has come!

Looking for a new mascara? Well C.S.I Beauty Blog has been using the same for four years and swears by nothing else other than Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. She states that not only is it amazing and gives the best volume ever!

Sophie who has combination skin has yet to find a better foundation than Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation stating that it offers good coverage and makes her look more awake...sounds promising to me!

If you are a fan of lipgloss then Shona highly recommends the MUA intense kisses glosses. They may only £2 but they're really pigmented, non sticky and wear well! Sounds good to me!

Hannah has another hair care recommendation for us all in the form of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, she adds that it is the BEST treatment for a bargain price, works absolute wonders! I 100% agree!

Katie's recommendation is an oldie but a goody! She recommends Sudocrem and relies on it when her skin has has a bad week as it helps it to recover and minimise marks from blemishes. Not bad for something you can pick up for as little as £1 huh?

Who doesn't want perfectly groomed brows? Both Linsay and  Chloe can not get enough of SleekMake-Up's Brow Kit adding that it even has teeny brushes, so handy!

Tanzina's recommendation is a new discovery but she can't see herself repurchasing any expensive alternatives now! Say hello to Rimmel scandaleyes kohls they are a must have and so creamy too!

Hollee backs this up and her must have shades are nude and black.

Leanne's best budget buy? MeMeMe's FatCat Mascara for sure! She notes that it offers great volumising and definition.

Laura not only has a recommendation but also a tip! She not only uses E45 for dry patches but also leaves a thin layer on her face to sink in overnight to awaken to the softest skin!

Do you have troublesome pores? Well Sophia has found a nifty £3 gadget! Her recommendation is The Body Shop Facial Buffer. Adding that it may only be £3, but does her pores no end of good and keeps blackheads away. Sound great doesn't it?

Emma can not be without Soap and Glory's Hand Food, because it smells luxurious yet has a low price tag!

Edna has found her perfect nude lipstick in Kate Moss's range for Rimmel she loves shade 3 for everyday.
I have to agree that Kate Moss for Rimmel has done rather well and that the matte line is a favourite of mine!
OhItsLianey also agrees that the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are a complete must have.

Andréa has a US recommendation for us all in the shape of Wet n Wild Eyeshadows stating that they are so pigmented and you can create countless looks using them. I for one will be stocking up when I visit later this year.

Hailey urges us all to try Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean Cleanser, she hails it as amazing and with it being so well priced at £7 a bottle you can't really go all that wrong.

Victoria's must have bargain product which she has just blogged about is W7's Double Act Blush and Bronzer which more often than not are brilliant dupes for Benefit boxed blushes!

Speaking of dupe's Kat has stumbled across Sleek Make-Up's Rose Gold blush which is not only a complete snip at less than a fiver but a brilliant quality and well pigmented blush.

Sandra's budget buy but favourite eyeliner ever is Bourjois Liner Pinceau in Black, which at £6.99 is really reasonably priced!

Next up we have a rather glowing review of Soap & Glory's Scrub Your Nose In It (£7.50) from Rachael, "I use this as a scrub and mask, it clears my skin in an amazing way! It clears pores and makes them much smaller and tighter (not uncomfortable). This is a product I will always repurchase!" I must pick this up asap!

Becca rates L'Occitane's Shea Butter hand cream (£8) as it is perfect for chucking in your handbag and a little goes a long way!

Katherine uses ELF Brow Gel daily and a £1.50 she can't help but recommend it to all.

Alisha has a skincare recommendation that is only £5 but a staple product for her, she really rates Astral moisturisers which can be found in most chemists and supermarkets!

When it comes to product recommendations under £10 Lily has a few including Lush 'Dark Angels' and 'Coal Face', MUA shade 9 as eyebrow filler, Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows. I have to admit that the face masks do tempt me!

Alison also has a few products to add to the list including Witch's primer and 17 Mirror Shine On lipstick in Belle, I do have to admit that I am pretty partial to a 17 lippie or two!

Katie loves Superdrug's Vitamin E moisturiser for a cheap but cheerful skincare treat. Ellie also really rates Superdrug's skin care but she prefers Superdrug hydrating serum, which retails for about £3. Telling us that it is really hydrating and softening! One last call for a Superdrug own brand product comes from Louise. She uses their naturally radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser and has been converted from Liz Earle!

Both Kayleigh and Pretty Me both state that they might be the cheapest item in most people's skincare routine but neither can be without cotton pads.

A few calls for MUA's eyeshadows include Rachael's recommendation of the Undressed palette which Leece seconds hailing it as a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. Hayley's offering is also by MUA but she prefers the Chocolate Box eyeshadow trio. Both are super cheap yet offer a great range of looks.

So what is your favourite budget buy at under £10?